Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse & Distribution

Our Warehousing and Distribution Facilities

Distribution Services specializes in warehousing and distribution solutions for companies around the United States and North America. We are housed in a large warehouse and office facility, conveniently located near the I-40 and I-44 junction in the near-west Oklahoma City light industrial corridor. Our storage warehousing facility is clean, organized and equipped with everything necessary to provide timely fulfillment services. Additionally, we have installed state-of-the-art sprinkler and alarm systems to ensure the safety of your inventory at all times.

Your warehousing and distribution system should easily integrate with your supply, shipping, and payment systems, streamlining the entire supply chain function from start to finish. If your company struggles to control warehousing costs or fails to effectively manage inventory, or if your warehousing and distribution costs often exceed budget or spiral out of control, then you need to contact Distribution Services and let us help you with this aspect of your supply chain. Ultimately, by outsourcing warehousing and distribution services, you should experience both financial benefits with cost reductions and productivity benefits by being able to reallocate your internal resources.

Reasons To Use A Warehousing and Distribution Company

There are many reasons to use a third party warehousing and distribution company. One of the main purposes of using a warehousing and distribution company is to easily, yet efficiently, transport products from the point of origin to its consumer with the least cost while not affecting product quality. You want to consider location while selecting a warehousing and distribution company to work with. A warehouse should be located in a safe and convenient place with quick transport abilities and easy access to different areas. This allows companies to have fewer problems of products regarding on-time, safe delivery.

What To Look For In A Warehousing and Distribution Company

When searching for warehousing and ditribution services to outsource, a company needs to be aware of their needs, the needs of their market, and the ability of the warehouse to meet those needs in a timely and accurate manner. The ability of the warehouse to transport the parts or goods of the company is crucial, as is their ability to track storage in real time. They need to be accessible to their clients as often as possible to ensure that the flow of goods moves unhindered. Finding the right warehousing and distribution company to work with will make the difference for businesses of every size.

It is also important to find a centrally located warehousing and distribution company. The physical location of the warehouse and it’s proximity to major highways can be a crucial factor in their efficiency. Distribution Services is not only centrally located for the United States, but also for all of North America, making us an excellent choice for your warehousing and distribution needs.

Another factor to consider is the cost of using the distribution warehouse. Finding the right warehousing and distribution company can be a difficult choice. It can be a critical element to your supply chain success. Companies must choose logistics warehouses that are effective, efficient and rely on good standards to improve operation efficiency. One of the determining factors of cost to a third party warehousing and distribution company is the labor costs that they use. Not only is Distribution Services centrally located, but Oklahoma enjoys one of the lowest costs of living in the country, so our labor input costs are relatively low.

Finally, you want to consider expansion possibilities when choosing a warehousing and distribution company to work with. Distribution Services is positioned to help your company expand as your sales grow. We are the warehousing and distribution company that can meet your company’s needs.

Warehousing and Distribution Services Offered

To ensure our customers receive the premier service they deserve in a timely manner, we employ some of the best warehouse professionals and inventory control specialists in the business to manage your warehousing and distribution. At Distribution Services, we work as a team to get the job done right. Our people are friendly professionals who are competent, reliable and take pride in a job well done. Because we are family-owned and operated, clients are afforded the best in personalized customer service. Our customers are treated to professional management and the same staff members are always accessible and dedicated to the handling of their products.

To learn more about our warehousing and distribution services offered, please call today at (405)605-5331 or fill out the form on the Contact page to have one of our friendly public warehousing specialists contact you directly.