Distribution Center

With companies around the United States forced to manage their inventory in the most cost efficient manner possible, it’s no wonder that distribution centers have become an important component in the logistics and supply chain management decisions. There are many companies that operate entirely online and simply have distribution centers set up in convenient locations so they can get the items that their customers purchase to them in a timely manner.

distribution center is an important part of the order processing decisions made in many national and international companies and is also a critical element of the entire order fulfillment process. A distribution center can be referred to as a warehouse, a DC, a fulfillment center, a bulk break center, a cross-dock facility, and a package handling center. The name by which the distribution center is known is typically based on the function of the operation. For example a “retail distribution center” normally distributes goods to retail stores, an “order fulfillment center” commonly distributes goods directly to consumers, and a cross-dock facility stores little or no product but distributes goods to other destinations. Distribution Services is focused on serving clients that need a retail distribution center or acting as a cross-dock facility for our customers.

A retail distribution center is a great option for increasing your company’s flexibility and profitability. This is because we can increase the flexibility of your company by managing quotas, reducing custom delays, and getting that last minute delivery that the customer just ordered out. Naturally, a good distribution center would be one that is centrally located between the manufacture and the end destination. In the United States, one of prime areas for a distribution center is in Oklahoma. This is because Oklahoma is located in the center of the United States and also central to North America so it is able to be a central hub for most of North America with one distribution center. By using our facilities and services in Oklahoma, your company won’t experience long delays in shipping your products those areas as there would be if it was located on either coast.

Central Distribution Center

Due to its location, our Oklahoma City warehouse is a good place to connect with your customers around the country, while utilizing the benefits of a foreign trade zone. This way you can quickly and easily get the duty free imports and exports out of the way so you can keep your company running more smoothly and your customers happier by getting them what they want faster and at a lower cost to your company. While there are still several things to think about with your logistics team, keeping distribution marketing and management in mind when you consider where to get a distribution center is very important.

Let Distribution Services Be Your Distribution Center

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